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by mmaniac

Everquest Next - Eleven Sub-tiers confirmed & Oculus Rift Everquest Next

Few hours ago Everquest Next team released a video of their Black Box they promised before,
and few scenes were definitely of interest to many MMO players including myself.

I believe that most of you guys have found Jeff wearing Oculus Rift after stating that he's gonna get back to 'work'.
It is obvious that PS4 version of EQN will be supporting Oculus Rift but also PC version will likely to support Oculus Rift,
considering Dave mentioned that they will develop PC version fully and then going to work for other platform,
and Jeff was 'working' with Oculus Rift when this video was taken.

It's fun to see that dave recanted his saying of Oculus Rift just a few days ago.

And also existence of "sub-tiers" like T2B and T2C and floating island like Rafuta.
It seems that there will be some sort of barrier between each tiers.

Interface of EQN is very simple design which I prefer, with 8 ability buttons.

or maybe Bruce Lee standing beside fellow developers.

Plus of that I found out that Tiers have some sort of connection between eras, for both have exactly same 4 steps.
Map below is shown at SOE Live few days ago and describes the 20,000 years of history in Everquest Next.

Notice that the second era, the Dal era have 3 ages and also the Tier 2 have 3 sub-tiers -- ground level, B, and C.
I believe that this is how tiers are divided, meaning Tier 4 will have 4 sub-tiers, Tier 3 and tier 1 will have 2 each.
So I can say, there are eleven total sub-tiers (may be on characters and items also) in Everquest next.
What do you guys think?


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